Nestled in the quaint and somewhat seedy strip mall located at 1300 South and State Street (between the drug testing lab the parole office), Cakewalk has taken residence inside of Vegan Agenda.

Some of our favorite restaurants are in this neighborhood. House of Tibet has a super mostly-vegan buffet and around the corner is Mahidir, some of the best African food in town!

In our bakery case, we have a pretty standard daily selection of Dillos snack cakes, pink Gas Station cookies, All-Day cookies, brownies and often the BEST carrot cake this side of wherever they make really good carrot cake.

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Cakewalk is at
Vegan Agenda
145 E 1300 S, Suite 201
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Vegan Agenda HOURS

Mon-Fri 11AM–6PM
Sat 12AM–5PM
Sun Closed