Cakewalk Kickstarter

At the end of 2014, we decided leap blindly into making some of our products "official" and get them into some of our favorite stores. Unfortunately, that requires all kinds of information like cost projections, bar codes, ingredient lists ordered by quantity, and nutritional information. Not to mention that we would need to ramp-up our production. Nonetheless, we are serious about making our products as great and easy to come by as possible... without being jerks.

So, first thing we thought we needed was some money to accomplish this.  Turns out, new packaging and all that other stuff are pretty expensive so rather than get a stuffy old bank loan, we put it to our fans to see if they wanted more access to the elusive Dillo cakes and that lead to Kickstarter. With the help of some friends and a 48 hour crash course in filming and video editing, we launched the campaign. If you missed it. here is our silly video for it:

Thanks to our friends, families and complete strangers, we reached our goal. The upside is that we haven't yet spent any of the funds (except on perks), but the down side is that we are way behind schedule. We are still sending out the perks and have started to get our packing requirements in order. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, let us offer a hearty thank you to all of the people who contributed!