Do you offer gluten free Dillos?
Not at this time. To be truly "gluten free", we would need a dedicated kitchen, which we don't have.

Do you ship internationally, or at least to Canada?
No. If we did, you would receive squished and probably spoiled treats.

So if your treats are Vegan... Does that mean they're healthy?
If you mean healthier for the animals that did not suffer to make your treats, yes. Otherwise, they do still contain sugar and processed flour so they won't likely turn you into a bodybuilder. But they are better for you than the alternative. There is no cholesterol, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or preservatives and they are much better for your conscience and impact on the planet. 

Are your palm oils humanely sourced?
The companies that we have chosen to purchase our ingredients from (that contain palm oil) have informed us that they only use palm oil sourced through ethical sources.